Stress? Anxiety? What is it?

Lately I have been feeling as though everything makes me feel super anxious/nervous/stressed all at once. I can’t tell if it is due to the mass amount of changes currently going on in my life while adding up to everything else I need to start getting on top of at the exact same time.

Changes going on in my life include: starting my postgraduate certificate program, switching to a new position at work (serving versus being an assistant manager/kitchen team member), more health appointments.
Things to get on top of: getting my chiropractor health issues resolved/started to get taken care of, book my sinus surgery, trying to keep my sinus issues at bay just a tad, trying to get a dentist in my area, trying to get my eye exams taken care of, etc.

All of this while working a lot next week don’t exactly help my case. I’m wondering if all of this is due to the massive nerve wracking changes going on, with the mix of my sinus hell issues killing my head at the moment, that make me feel as though I’m starting off September with way too much on my plate. I’ve been contemplating talking to someone about it, but I don’t want to do that and then be prescribed some prescription to help it. I feel as though I need to find my groove, get back into some sort of routine that would hopefully include some sort of physical activity since I have been slacking on that hard core!

I am starting to wonder if my anxiety/stress build up has something to do with my lack of physical activity as well. I may need to find, or make time, to start including that into my somewhat daily routine, just might not be my 6:30 commute days to school.

Anyone else find you are more prone to anxiety and/or stress during this time of year? Or is it just all the changes that us human beings don’t like to adapt to? Let me know how you cope!

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