Guys, I’m super super excited about this! After doing a bunch of research, missing my constant reading (and classes from my English undergrad days..), and just wanting to take some time to get back into books again, I’m going to start doing Book Reviews! I really missed and enjoy reading books and forcing myself to think and ponder about them more. I’m going to start organizing myself today, finish Clash of Kings this week (hopefully-praying! 60% complete which feels like it is taking forever for me to finish!) and get started working on some of the novels on my To Be Read Shelf, along with re-reading a bunch of novels, especially ones from my old english classes to start bridging more gaps that I feel like I’m finding in the book review community!

If you want to see any different or controversial reviews, I’m all ears! My first review will most likely be Grey by E.L. James, but we shall see!

Any questions, let me know!

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