June & Fit, Fab, Fierce Challenge

We’re already more than halfway through June and I’m just blogging now. Why you may ask? One word: Work. I still hate my current retail job with everything in me, and things seem to only be getting worse the more I continue to work there. Previously I mentioned how I was closing every weekend, all weekend, which hasn’t changed other than the fact that for the last 4 weeks I’ve requested one day or evening off due to an event of some sort. Then they had to cut back hours, which is understandable if sales are low, but mine were cut the most drastically, from 40-14 hours. All because I ‘booked a Saturday off’. After speaking with the owner about some concerns with these cuts, aka I live on my own and 14 hours doesn’t cut it or I will have to find other work, which is something they hate working around, she assured me I wouldn’t get less than 20 hours a week at the moment. The assistant manager, who creates the schedule, emailed me to let me know my hours won’t get cut as long as I don’t book a weekend day off, weekend days off that she generously gives to everyone excluding me, since she seems to a) not like me or b) it’s because I’m the new girl. Safe to say that as soon as I can leave there and start working part time at my restaurant again, I’m jumping at the chance.

My job feels like the life is sucking out of me. I don’t feel happy or energetic most days, I dread going to work, and I absolutely hate being there. I feel like I sound like a broken record whenever anyone asks me about it, and going to work whenever the owner or assistant manager isn’t there, is just a complaining fest since all of us dread being there. Not a great workplace.

Moving on… I’ve started the Fab, Fit, Fierce challenge through Tone It Up. We can say ‘start’ but life, and work, got in my way as per usual. I did workout twice this week (woo-hoo!!) and I already feel better just by exercising twice this week! Insanely sore from two days ago, but you get the picture. I’m currently just trying to stick with 2-3x a week at the moment to get myself back into a groove. Hopefully this will be a bit easier due to the hours cut backs I’ve just received and because I see changes already in my body that I’m liking. I also love how the book forces you to think through some things and connect with thoughts about yourself, something I’m striving to do a bit more thoughtfully each day.

I’m off to go get some healthy groceries and hopefully make a nice lunch before I get my hair cut fixed and off to work! I cut my hair cut Wednesday but she cut my hair blunt (hard cuts) which I hate so much. I tried to see if it looked different as a new change, but I was almost crying straightening my hair, so I decided to go and see if the hairdresser will just fix my ends to being whispy. Blunt cuts are just not for me. I feel like it looks as though I’ve cut my hair myself, when I spent $70 on a haircut!! I hope she understands since I’ve never been the type of person to ever ask for my hair to be ‘fixed’. It was only my second time going to her to get my hair cut, and I should’ve reminded her. We shall see how it goes and I can only hope she is understanding! My boyfriend and I are off to see Shania Twain tomorrow and have a little bit of a date again! We’ve been able to do this a bit lately with me taking some time off work to plan days to go and do things together. Sucks for work and my hours, but its a sacrifice I’m willing to make since it makes me feel like I’m de-stressing and re-charging my batteries as of late!


Hope you all have a good weekend! If you’re doing the Tone It Up Fit, Fierce, Fab challenge, connect with me, I’d love to hear from you!

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