May Roundup

may roundup


Wow! Where has the month of May gone?! I’m writing this post a week into June as well! Time sure is flying this summer!

May was a very busy spending month- and just in general! It just seems to continue on being very busy lately! I’m working so much having 12 hour days by the time I leave the house (an hour before my shift to bus it there, to an hour on the way home) to when I get actually home at night. It’s been exhausting me. What goes out the window lately? My eating and exercising. Now that I feel like crap after a few day binge (thank you Jay’s Game..) I’m determined to start off the Fit, Fierce and Fabulous Challenge by Tone It Up!

This May Monthly roundup consisted of:

  • figuring out my school funding-OSAP issues galore, what else is new with me and OSAP!
  • I purchased my new laptop, external hard drive, and got the battery on my phone replaced! My laptop was on sale, so I used the savings from the sale to purchase and extended warranty through Best Buy which makes me super excited so if anything goes awry, someone can fix it for free!! Heavy purchase, but worth it. So much lighter and longer battery life!
  • Got to go see my boyfriend play baseball which will unfortunately be his last game of the season I will be able to see. He tore some ligaments in the muscles around his ribs so was sidelined and while sidelined and supporting his team, he got a wild pitch to the face! 3 fractures in his face later, he’s out for the season, but everything will heal on it’s own and broke in ‘okay’ places that doesn’t require reconstructive surgery!
  • Went for Sushi and to my first Board Game Cafe- so much fun. I don’t like sushi, so I usually just stick to the rice and skewers, but the Board Game Cafe was so much fun! Definitely something I will go to again and a few hours of fun for only $5 is okay in my books!
  • Got to visit with my friend in town doing her Pharmaceutical degree and her twin sister who was in town for the weekend-two of my favorite people to have coffee dates with!
  • Renewed my lease for the upcoming year!

June has kicked off into full swing and it’s already turning out to be a busy, budget busting month! As per usual, I like to set some new goals for every month in hopes to keep with them! My new goals are:

  • Stick to the 28 day plan of Fit, Fabulous, Fierce and get up for my bootycalls!
  • Keep drinking over my 1L of water every day-lately I’ve been doing about 1.2L a day and am trying to up it more gradually, proving a bit difficult with an hour long commute to work with a small bladder and no bathroom!
  • Get to 2/3 finished of the second Game of Thrones novel. My boyfriend has been bugging me about this since these first two novels out of the series are difficult for me to get through, and I left it at his house for the third night in a row by mistake! Whoops!

Hopefully I can start making a bit more time for my blog and my outlets since I’ve been missing them as of late! I hope the start of your June-and summer- is going swell!

Are you doing any fitness or other challenges? What are they? Let me know!

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