April roundupĀ 

april roundup

I feel as though something I should start doing more lately is looking back on the great things that have been happening as of late to keep myself positive and motivated. I also want to see how much I would like to improve on certain things as the next month comes closer to fruition.

Looking back on April some big things occurred.

I didn’t get accepted to law school BUT I accepted my offer to do a postgrad paralegal certificate at a nearby college that will take a year, or three full semesters, to complete. I was talking to a friend who just completed her first year at law school and she said she was actually jealous of people who came into law school after being a paralegal/legal administrator. If I feel like I still have the itch to pursue a higher standing in the legal profession, then I can always go back to school, but with a lot more knowledge and understanding!

I also found another job while my full time contract has come to an end, hence why some of my other goals have hit the back burner as of late, working 60-70 hour weeks the past three weeks has been a major buzz kill. Me being able to workout 3x a week, did not happen. Nor did I eat very healthy, but hopefully I can kickstart that back up again and grab some will power and motiviation!

I was also able to go home for a night to visit my family for Easter, with my boyfriend and visit some family. I also had a visit with my aunt and mom who came down for a day trip to get a new tv since the one I received for Christmas ended up having an issue with it, and get a somewhat subtle different hair cut.

I also sucked it up and became a member of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan with the Bikini Series Bundle! I will definitely give my feedback and review it once I’ve had time to have a few weeks on the plan!

Next month’s goals:

  • stick with the Bikini series workouts every day (min 3x/week)
  • relax a bit! Even though I’m working full time hours next week with my other job now, doesn’t mean I can’t take some time to relax!
  • Start implementing the TIU Nutrition Plan
  • Budget bi-weekly instead of randomly

How was your month? Do you create new goals for yourself each month? Did you have an exciting month? Let me know!

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